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Is Tymly open source?

Yes. The Tymly monorepo is maintained by West Midlands Fire Service and is downloadable via Github under the MIT License. Read more about our open source ethos here.


How do I integrate Tymly with other systems?

Tymly uses Finite State Machines to undertake any task, large or small. These state machines can be created, updated and cancelled via a secure REST API – this allows external systems to integrate with the digital services offered via Tymly using simple and well proven web protocols. Conversely, state machines can invoke external REST APIs to request and manipulate data via third party services too.


How is my data stored?

In Tymly, data models are defined inside blueprints using the open JSON Schema format. This allows for a No-SQL-style experience when interacting with data. However, under the bonnet, Tymly will transparently use these schema definitions to conjure more traditional relational tables in PostgreSQL. This in-turn brings benefits in terms of querying, data integrity and tooling. The best of both worlds!


Can I write my own blueprints?

Yes. in Tymly, blueprints provide a way to describe some related components that can coalesce to produce a digital service. Please see our technical documentation to get stuck in!

Can I contribute to Tymly?

Yes please! Be sure to first read our Code of Conduct and Contributing docs though… and then either raise an issue, or better still throw a pull request our way! Note we use the Standard.js code style – the tests won’t pass if things fail linting.