Why we are open with Tymly

Our Open Ethos

Here at WMFS we have a very experienced award winning in-house software development team that’s strives to provide the best software solutions to our users. Our latest venture, Tymly, we’re making not only to benefit users within our own organisation but the whole world as well!

Tymly is licensed under the MIT License allowing you to freely use, copy, modify, merge and publish Tymly yourself!

You can get the latest version of Tymly from GitHub.

“Why are you making Tymly open?” I hear you shout. Well simply we want to provide something that’s been engineered to deliver a software service for public sector government & non-profit organisations to meet their challenges.

By making Tymly open we are trying to encourage a collaborative working practice that makes it easier for our own team & partners to work on Tymly as well as external users. We use the StandardJS style guide which makes it easy to follow how our code works and provide a common culture to the way we work. With our code being open and making the most of shared common standards it makes it possible for anyone to improve Tymly and help with issues, regardless of who you work for or where you live in the world.