Tymly is a low code open source platform that provides businesses with ability to create & use scalable and flexible applications to gather, process and distribute data.

What is Tymly?

Tymly is a low code open source platform that provides businesses with ability to create scalable and flexible applications to gather, process and distribute data.

Tymly is built in the open under MIT license and available to see on GitHub. It is also using exclusively open source components and utilises open standards which makes it perfect for collaboration and working with others.

Using Tymly as your low-code platform offers businesses with swift and iterative delivery of new applications for your business functions, enabling you to kick start your digital transformations with robust and innovative solutions. You can easily create an application to combine your business functions and processes, to give your workforce a tool to do their job more effectively and efficiently.

Creating your business function is easily done with Blueprints.

Using Tymly’s blueprint studio it will allow you to quickly and easily build custom blueprints to fill a business need.

By placing an emphasis on openness, collaboration and self-sufficiency, Tymly has been specifically engineered to deliver a software service which meets the unique challenges facing today’s Public Sector. Tymly is coded to JavaScript Standard Style which gives our code clear clarity using a standard that is used by hundreds of companies and thousands of people. By adding a common culture and style of coding to our open project will make collaboration across different sectors and teams easy.

What technologies does Tymly use?

JavaScript Standard Style
Travis CI

Who Are We?

West Midlands Fire Service is the second largest fire and rescue service in England. There’s nearly 3 million people living in the West Midlands to keep safe in the communities across the region which includes Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Soliull, Walsall and Wolverhampton. You can find out more about WMFS here.

At WMFS we’re a small group of 13 people who make up the agile Software Development team within the wider ICT department. Although we’re a varying group with wide ranging experiences and backgrounds, from hardened Oracle Forms experts to fresh new Computer Science graduates, we all have a common interest in building great applications that provide the best solution for our business and your business needs.

Team members

Kash Singh: Tymly team member

Kash Singh

Development Team Manager

Kash is responsible for the talented teams that build Tymly at West Midlands Fire Service. He is passionate about developing a sustainable framework that helps the public sector to collaborate better as well as reduce costs and improve efficiency. When he is not shouting motivational slogans or asking is it done yet he spends his time with family.

Chris Keep: Tymly team member

Chris Keep

Development Team Leader

Chris is a long-standing member of the West Midlands Development Team who has embraced the challenge of helping our talented team thrive. Enthusiastic about Agile, and still keen to get involved in solving problems, he also enjoys spending time with his family and playing guitar.

Aron Moore: Tymly team member

Aron Moore

Full Stack Developer

Aron loves all things technology and used his passion to become a developer at WMFS. He’ll jump into any work to learn and help the team in any language or technology. From creating Docker images to writing gradle build script he’ll get involved.

Meena Hoda: Tymly team member

Meena Hoda

Full Stack Developer

After graduating in Computer Science, Meena joined WMFS just in time for the beginning of Tymly. She enjoys tinkering with new frameworks and technologies and testing the limits of Tymly development.

Reece Brend: Tymly team member

Reece Brend

Full Stack Developer

A Tymly developer from the offset, Reece applies pragmatic and organic thinking to help propel Tymly towards Open Source success.

Jasvinder Bahra: Tymly team member

Jasvinder Bahra

Principal Full Stack Developer

Jasvinder Bahra is a veteran software developer who spends what little spare time he has (two young children) reading about super heroes, ninjas and intelligent teddy bears.

Martina Henry: Tymly team member

Martina Henry

Principal Full Stack Developer

Martina started her career in IT upgrading legacy Java web applications to Spring MVC framework, currently she is working with the latest technology in web development (NodeJS and StandardJS). She appreciates coding solutions that are more readable and easier to maintain. Favourite quote - 'That's not a bug, It's a feature.'

Liliana Judge: Tymly team member

Liliana Judge

Full Stack Developer

Liliana Judge entered fully the IT world, going through different technologies, after doing a PhD in Theoretical Physics. She enjoyed the dynamics of this profession. A few months ago, she had to get used to and start developing applications with Node and Javascript ("the new trend") although being a passionate Java developer. The ping-ponging between technologies did not seem to affect her at all and she took it as a new challenge.